You may already have auto or homeowners insurance but have you ever considered adding an extra layer of protection to your policies? If so, you might want to add on Umbrella Insurance.

What is Umbrella Insurance?

Umbrella Insurance is a type of personal liability insurance that provides protection against catastrophic liability claims. Having Umbrella Insurance with MAPFRE gives you that extra layer of coverage if you, your spouse or your dependents living at home become responsible for damages that exceed the liability limits of your auto or homeowners policy.

Because an Umbrella policy goes into effect after a primary policy coverage is exhausted, certain limits must be met to purchase the coverage. With MAPFRE, you would have added protection from $1 million to $5 million, depending on your need.

Benefits of Umbrella Insurance

Some life events where having Umbrella Coverage would help:

  •         You were at-fault in a multi-vehicle accident with severe injuries
  •         You drive a car, borrow a car or let others borrow your vehicle
  •         You have a teenage driver
  •         Someone slips and falls on your property
  •         Your dog bites someone
  •         You own a home, rental property or multiple residences
  •         You have children at home or away at college
  •         You have high value assets like retirement savings or investments
  •         You regularly host dinner parties or other gatherings
  •         You have a pool party
  •         You participate in carpools or group activities
  •         You use social media

What Wouldn’t Be Covered With Umbrella Coverage?

An Umbrella policy would not cover you for losses from a  business you own. In those situations, you would need to have existing coverage from a business umbrella policy. Other things not covered under an Umbrella policy would be:

  •         Any of your injuries
  •         Damage to your home or vehicle
  •         Damage to your property or possessions

How Much Umbrella Coverage Do I Need?

Your Independent Agent will be able to help determine the appropriate level of coverage you would need in order to provide you excess protection, security and peace of mind. Some questions that your agent might ask to help determine the coverage are:

  •         What are the value of your total assets?
  •         Are there any unusual objects or possessions at your residence like a trampoline, swimming pool or large animals (e.g. horses)?
  •         What other risks do you think you may face? (e.g. volunteer activities athletics coach, youth group leader, etc.)

Still have questions on Umbrella Insurance? An independent agent in your state can answer additional questions and always review your policy to make sure you have the right coverage. And if you are not a MAPFRE customer in Massachusetts yet, you can always get a fast, free car insurance quote today to get outstanding coverage at a great price.